How To Teach Pitching To Kids Age 8-16

Discover a Simple Formula To Maximize Your Pitcher's Speed, Improve Their Control, Increase Their Endurance and Reduce the Risk of Injury.

Pitcher. It's probably the most important position on the field. And without a doubt - the most complicated.

From the stance, to the grip, to the mechanics of the windmill motion, there's a LOT to think about. 

And unless you pitched at a high level in your own career, teaching these critical skills to younger players can be a real challenge.

That's why we created this new instructional program for coaches and parents.

πŸš€ A Step by Step Skill Development Plan for Young Pitchers

Inside Youth Softball Pitching Mechanics, you'll discover the fastest, easiest way to teach windmill pitching technique to kids under 16.

Everything is broken down with step by step instructions, video demonstrations, and corrections for common errors. 

All delivered through a convenient online format you can access just 30 seconds from now.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn:

How to teach the windmill pitching motion in 5 easy steps.
A little-known footwork secret that dramatically increases power and pitch location
Why slapping the glove against the front thigh allows your pitcher to maintain balance throughout the arm motion and deliver a sizzling fastball.. even if she lacks arm strength! 
The most important thing to remember when teaching proper form and mechanics. HINT: it's as simple as a line in the dirt!
How to make sure your pitcher is opening the hips properly in the windup... and how to use this simple tip to add 3-5 mph to her fastball!  
How to use a "back foot drag" to generate massive power off the windup
Throwing the ball in the dirt? This simple secret will immediately fix it.
The #1 error that prevents pitchers from throwing strikes (and a simple drill that instantly corrects it)

A "point your finger" technique that dramatically improves control 
2 simple body positioning "tweaks" that skyrocket your velocity 
A HUGE mistake Softball Parents make... which actually hurts their daughter's rate of improvement 
Exactly how much time your pitchers need to rest between games
And a lot more

How To Quickly Boost Your Pitching Skills

Get instant online access on any device. Easy to use. Fast results. Better pitchers.

Step by Step Online Video Instruction

Detailed drill demonstrations and coaching tips from professional instructors

Key Coaching Points

Bullet point summaries of each video, written in plan English. Helping you understand key concepts and accelerate your results

Printable, PDF "Cheat Sheets"

Easy to use instructions you can take right to the field. Just download and print, or save to your phone for easy access.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Changing Coaches Lives Across The Country

The drills and practice plans have been a lifesaver! The girls love them because of the various things we do so they aren't getting bored.

Dave Howard

Brookings, South Dakota

The girls really look forward to seeing what's on tap for the day's practice. I walk away with the feeling of accomplishment.

Coach Cragan

Concord, North Carolina

This was my first season and we went 22-6 and made it to State! The drills helped my team in the field and the practice plans kept me on track.

Sarah Klinetobe

O'Neill, Nebraska

I'm amazed at how many new drills my girls can use! The girls are excited to do something different than the same old drills we've been doing.

Di Apato

Oak Lawn, IL

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