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Discover 14 Proven "Speed Boosters" To Explode Your Fastball Velocity

Here's how to quickly add 5-10 MPH to any pitcher's fastball. So you can finally unlock your hidden source of power, get more batters out and win more ball games!

When it comes to softball pitching... speed is king.

It gives hitters less time to track the ball and react to the ball.

It forces them to rush their decisions.

And it increases their chances of making a mistake.

But... of course... generating more speed isn't just about "throwing harder."

You have to train your "kinetic chain" to act like a whip... starting with massive lower body force during the windup and acceleration phases.

Then stabilizing the front leg during the release and follow through... transferring that force from the lower body, through the trunk and into the pitching arm.

That takes more than just natural athletic ability.

You need to develop fundamentally sound mechanics.

And you need to understand the specific techniques elite pitchers use to unlock the sources of power that are already stored inside your body.

Speed Development Made Easy

We recently tapped into 14 shortcut secrets that are guaranteed to explode your pitching speed.

All broken down and explained by one of the greatest pitchers in fastpitch history.


Softball Pitching Speed Boosters

Inside, you'll discover 14 proven techniques to add velocity for pitchers at every competitive level.

It’s simple to grasp, easy to implement, and 100% SAFE to use for all ages.

Each technique is broken down with step by step video instructions... coaching tips... and printable "cheat sheets" you can take right to the field.

Perfect for softball coaches. Softball parents. Or anyone who wants to improve their kid's pitching skills - FAST.

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The Ultimate Skill Development Plan

Get instant online access on any device.
Easy to use. Fast results. Better pitchers.

  • Step by Step Video Instruction

    NCAA Champion pitcher Dee Dee Kingsbury breaks down her complete system for generating more speed

  • Key Coaching Points

    Bullet point summaries of each video, written in plain English. Helping you understand key concepts, and accelerate your results (even if this is all new to you).

  • Printable PDF "Cheat Sheets"

    Easy-to-use drill instructions you can take right to the field. Just download and print… or save to your phone.

Your Instructor: Coach Dee Dee Kingsbury

  • Associate Head Coach, Cal State Fullerton
  • Former Assistant Coach, Wisconsin
  • 2-time NCAA Champion at UCLA
  • 1994 First Team All American Pitcher
  • 59-13 pitching record with 0.79 ERA
  • 746 career strikeouts
  • 16 career no-hitters
  • 2-time Women's Professional Softball League All Star

Here's What You'll Learn

Plus, Get These Bonus PDF Pitching "Cheat Sheets"

Printable Drill Sheets

Step by step instructions, photos, and coaching tips for each of the 11 drills

Windmill Pitching 101 Cheat Sheet

A quick-reference sheet covering mechanics, grip, and wrist snap fundamentals

Do NOT Go To Another Practice Until You Learn These Drills!

Seriously... don't do it.

Sure, you could go it alone. Use some of those old drills you used to do in high school. Or get some random advice from your buddy at the next neighborhood BBQ.

But why take the risk? Using the wrong pitching drills won't just waste your precious practice time... it can actually increase the chance of injury.

This skill development plan comes from Dee Dee Kingsbury, a former First Team All-American pitcher with 16 career no-hitters.

It's simple and fun to do. Just watch the videos on your computer, phone or tablet. Then print out the "cheat sheets" and bring 'em right to practice.

And price shouldn't be an issue, because you can have access to the complete Skill Development Plan for just $9.95.

Less Than a Buck for Each Speed Booster!

Literally, you can have a few of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or:

You can become a life-saver for your softball team by being the guy or gal who finally knows the proper way to teach pitching.

Your pitchers will love doing these fun drills in practice.

They'll throw harder and more accurately.

Give up fewer walks.

Get more batters out. And win more ball games.

And parents will be lining up to pat you on the back.

The choice is yours.

If you want to get started, click the "Add To Cart" button below and follow this tried-and-true formula for pitching success. you can eliminate the guesswork and finally know how to help your pitchers reach their true potential.

Here's What Coaches Are Saying

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in this Skill Development Plan that we’re going to put our money (and reputation) on the line.

Watch the videos and try out the techniques. If you don’t see the immediate improvement we’ve promised… just write back and we’ll give you a full, fast and cheerful refund. No questions asked.

No fine print. No wiggle clauses.

You love the Development Plan or you don’t pay for it. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask. 

  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    This development plan is designed for pitchers age 8 and up. The focus is on increasing velocity through mechanical adjustments and drillwork. You can use it with beginning pitchers, experienced pitchers and every one in between.

  • q-iconDo I need any special equipment?

    Some of the drills require a weighted ball. Which you can find at any sporting goods store, or make your own by driving finishing nails into a regulation softball.

  • q-iconHow do I access the material? Is there anything to wait for in the mail?

    This is a digital product, delivered in online video and PDF format. As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll direct you into our members area, where you get instant access to all the material.

    You can watch the videos right over your computer screen or mobile device, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not happy with the product?

    This package comes with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Watch the videos and try out the techniques. If you don’t see the immediate improvement we’ve promised… just write back and we’ll give you a full, fast and cheerful refund.

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