What EVERY Youth Softball Coach Should Know About Throwing And Catching...

Throwing and catching are two of the most basic skills in softball. Something most coaches take for granted.

After all, it seems like a natural skill for most athletes, doesn't it?

As long as we give our girls some pointers and let them throw the ball around the horn a few times each week… they should just pick it up on their own... right?


Truth is, the proper mechanics for throwing and catching a softball is are two of the most vitally important skills we coaches need to teach.

Especially with kids under 12.

Armed with better mechanics, your girls will

  • Avoid painful elbow and shoulder injuries and keep their arms healthier for the long term
  • Make more accurate throws, commit fewer errors and improve their defensive performance
  • Develop their skills more quickly, have more fun and enjoy the game!

With that in mind… today we're releasing a new online video clinic called "Youth Softball Throwing and Catching Skills."

Inside, you'll learn an easy step by step plan for installing reliable, consistent, and stunningly effective throwing and catching skills with every player on your team.
Here's a small sample of what you'll learn…

  • A fun little "Sharpie" trick that quickly teaches your girls how to throw the ball with the proper cross-seam grip. (This was a huge "Aha!" moment for my 9-10 year old team)
  • The Flip Drill: trains your players to release the ball with the proper wrist action and backspin - for reliable, accurate throws that zoom straight to the target!
  • How to identify and correct the most common throwing mistakes… see live "in-practice" demos with real youth softball players!
  • The Swim Drill: reinforces the right amount of shoulder rotation and arm extension on the throw. (This is crucial for keeping your players' arms safe and healthy for the long term)
  • How to use the glove side arm to balance the throwing motion. This one tip alone will immediately help your girls launch the ball farther and straighter.
  • A cool throwing gadget that instantly STOPS your kids from dropping the elbow, wrapping the wrist, or shot-putting the ball.
  • The Line-Target Drill: The fastest, easiest way to teach your players to throw the ball STRAIGHT! Work on this one for 20 minutes per week and you'll see a sudden and dramatic decrease in your throwing errors!
  • A clever "Scarecrow" trick that helps develop more balance and coordination in the throwing motion.
  • The Windmill Drill: This one feels kind of silly, but it'll improve your kids' throwing mechanics like nothing you've ever seen!
  • The Fence Drill: Reinforces the correct hip drive and stride toward the target - for guided missile throws to anywhere on the field!
  • The Star Drill: Helps your girls throw with accuracy... and catch with confidence (perfect for pre-game warmups).
  • Relay Races: A fun, competitive drill that develops the proper footwork and body mechanics to execute a proper outfield relay.
  • Glove Positioning Drill: How to help your players determine the proper glove angle when receiving the ball. Most coaches ignore this -- but it's something you absolutely MUST cover in practice.
  • Color Ball Drill: Teaches your players to track the spin and trajectory of an approaching ball. Immediately improves their focus and concentration on the field!

And much more!

Here's what's really great. You can start learning all these techniques today, right over your computer screen, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

"Youth Softball Throwing and Catching Skills" is an online video clinic. You get instant access to the entire resource as soon as your order is securely processed.

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Coach Becky Wittenburg

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I decided to post one of your practice plans in the dugout for each practice. Now the girls really look forward to seeing what's on tap for the days practice."

-Coach Cragan

Concord, NC

"The Girls Are Excited!"

"I am amazed at how many drills that my girls can use during practices. The girls are excited to do something different than the same old drills that we have been doing.

-Di Apato
Oak Lawn, IL

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