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Are You "Dropping The Ball"
With This Common Coaching Mistake?

Desk of: Coach Becky Wittenburg

Dear Coach,

It was a crisp, clear spring day last April when two of the city's top high school softball teams -- the Rattlers and the Hurricanes -- met on-field to renew their rivalry.

They were very much alike, these two teams.

Both had a strong pipeline to bring talented kids into the program and develop them.

Both had worked hard in the off-season, studying the game and refining their skills.

Both had great pitching staffs… powerful, consistent hitters… and coaches who knew the game inside and out.

But on this day…

The Rattlers DESTROYED The Hurricanes 16-3


How did that happen? What was the difference? Why did the Hurricanes give up so many runs?

The answer is simple: Outfielding.

The Rattlers coach (let's call her Sandra) -- hand-selected three of her best athletes to patrol the outfield, worked tirelessly on their fundamentals in a variety of situations… and spent countless hours drilling home the importance of proper fielding mechanics, throwing mechanics, relays, and communication.

So when it came to game-time, they had a serious competitive advantage…

They KNEW how to line up a play with the proper "body-ball-target" alignment, then fire a laser-guided strike into the infield…

They KNEW how to handle tricky outfield situations, like playing balls off the fence, backing up errant throws, and catching a ball in the glare of the sun...

And they KNEW how to communicate with their teammates, avoid mistakes, and limit the progress of baserunners.

The Hurricanes' coach (let's call him Woody) -- pretty much ignored the importance of outfielding.

His girls were unprepared for the challenges of playing a top-quality team… and, boy, did they show it!

They let easy fly balls DROP into the gap while staring blankly at each other ("Awww… I thought YOU were gonna get it!")…

They BOOTED routine grounders all over the field and turned singles into doubles... and doubles into triples...

They panicked under pressure, and uncorked WILD, out of control throws a mile away from their intended target.

What a disaster.

Coach Woody thought he could just "hide" his three worst fielders by throwing them into the outfield… and spent almost NO practice time at all preparing them for the challenging situations they'd face in a real game.

So... the important question is...

Are You Making That Same
Mistake With Your Team?

If you are, don't worry.

It's NOT your fault.

A LOT of coaches (especially busy ones) do the same thing.

You have limited field time and a small coaching staff, and -- understandably -- you're probably spending most of your time on batting practice, bullpen work, or scrimmages.

But, here's the thing. Until you devote some serious time and energy to outfielding... until you master the simple secrets to this CRITICAL part of the game... your team will never reach it's true potential.

Sure... you can be somewhat competitive. But you'll still suffer from the same frustrating mistakes, make the same costly errors, and keep banging your head against the wall with the same unmet expectations... year after year after year.

But all that's gonna change today.

Because you now have the opportunity to learn the secrets of top notch outfielding from one of the NCAA Softball's All Time Greats... directly over your computer screen... from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Here's what's happening.

I just got my hands on a new 2-part online video clinic called, "Total Outfielding." It's 57 minutes long, and jam-packed with dozens of useful coaching tips, pointers, and developmental drills you can take directly to the field.

Your instructor is none other than Gina Vecchione, four-time NCAA champion and one of the most respected young softball coaches in the game.

A former All-American outfielder herself, Coach Vecchione was the first UCLA player ever inducted into the Amateur Softball Association's Hall of Fame.

As an assistant at Oregon State and UCLA, she's won FOUR "Coaching Staff of the Year" awards… and helped to develop some of the top Division I outfielders in NCAA history.

The online clinic reveals all of Coach Vecchione's most treasured outfielder coaching secrets, all explained with simple step by step instructions and live video demos.

You'll discover dozens of proven drills, simple coaching cues, and easy solutions to common outfielding mistakes!

Here's a small sample of what you'll learn in Part 1: "Outfield Fundamentals and Mechanics."

  • 4 qualities to look for in a high-potential outfielder. Know what characteristics need to be "natural" and what can be developed through practice…
  • A BRUTAL "stance" mistake that leaves your outfielder vulnerable to balls hit over her head. Learn what it is and how to correct it.
  • How to coach up your players to confidently handle all the common outfielding scenarios:
  • Ground ball with no runners on
  • Ground ball with runners on base
  • Ground ball hit into the gap
  • Fly ball with runners on base
  • And many more…
  • The precise location your glove should be when catching a high fly ball (this might surprise you!)
  • A step by step formula for teaching proper throwing mechanics, from grip… to footwork… arm path… weight transfer… release… and follow through to the target.
  • How to adjust your ball grip under wet conditions (helps you control the throw, and avoid the ball squirting out of your hands).
  • How to use the glove arm to create more balance and torque in the throwing motion, for laser-accurate throws to anywhere on the field!
  • The best way to retrieve a ball that's hit PAST the outfielder. Learn how to get the ball back into the infield as efficiently as possible… without taking false steps, fumbling the ball, or rushing the throw.
  • How to teach the correct technique for making a barehand pick-up.
  • The 2 most common mistakes outfielders make on long fly balls. Learn all about the "L-Turn" and the "Ball Float" -- and exactly how to fix them.
  • Why "Glove-Flipping" leads to so many errors - and what coaches can do to correct this common mistake.
  • 3 costly throwing mistakes that most young softball players make. See how you can fix the "Elbow Drop," the "Wrist Turn," and the "Out-of-Body Release."
  • Why 12 and 6 are the most important numbers your outfielders need to remember. This one simple coaching cue immediately leads to more precise throws.
  • 3 rules of thumb for backing up a play from the outfield.
  • How to establish an airtight communication system between your outfielders and infielders. Plus, why your fielders should NEVER call the ball for someone ELSE!
  • 3 things every outfielder should know about their opponent -- for smarter defensive decisions, fewer mistakes, and a massive competitive advantage!

And much more...

Part 2 is called "Outfield Drills." Inside, you'll learn 18 unique, fun, and effective practice ideas to reinforce the fundamentals and improve your outfielders skills!

Here's a quick summary…

  • Pylon Drill: A simple 4-step progression for teaching proper throwing footwork -- incorporates the lead step, shoulder turn, glove arm placement, and cocking the throwing arm.
  • Run Through The Catch Drill: How to develop a more explosive jump on a fly ball, for better timing to the play, and a harder, more accurate throw to the target.
  • Line Drive Drill: The best way to catch a hard-hit line drive on the run, shift your weight, then transfer your momentum into the throw.
  • Relay Drill: Ball hit through the gap? Learn the exact footwork and body mechanics to retrieve the ball from the fence… turn… and get the ball back into the infield as FAST as humanly possible. (This is the key to limiting your extra-base hits).
  • Blind Drill: Learn how to develop better communication and teamwork between your outfielders… while teaching proper backup positioning.
  • Two Ball Drill: A great conditioning drill that improves your players' "quick burst" agility, for a quicker jump on the ball and better range in the outfield
  • Barehand Drill: How to train your outfielders to see the ball right into the glove, improving eye-hand coordination and eliminating costly errors!
  • Gap Communication Drill: Helps establish your outfield "hierarchy" for playing balls into the gap, so your players work together likely a finely tuned machine!
  • Charge & Drop Drill: Learn the correct technique for making the two hardest catches in the outfield. (this one's GREAT as a competitive "contest" drill for the end of practice!)
  • Crossover Drill | Blind Pivot Drill: 2 challenging drills that teach your girls how to track a deep fly ball and make adjustments on the run.
  • Slice Drill: How to read the spin and trajectory of a fly ball, so you can set up the correct pursuit angle, accelerate into the path of the ball, and make a reliable, fundamentally-sound catch on the run.
  • Target Drill: A "four-corner" throwing system that literally forces your outfielders to hit their targets. Best part: get tons of reps in just a few minutes of practice!
  • Shoestring Catch Drill: Learn the correct technique for playing a short blooper into the outfield, including the proper footwork and glove position for this tricky fielding situation.
  • Fence Drill: The simplest, most effective way to play a deep fly ball at the fence, without the risk of injury.
  • Sun Ball Drill: "The sun was in my eyes!" - a common problem that leads to plenty of dropped fly balls. This drill shows you a reliable way to track the ball through the glare of the sun without losing it's trajectory, then make the catch with 100% control and confidence!
  • Infield-Outfield Communication Drill: Develop better cooperation and teamwork between your infielders and outfielders with this fun, simple drill
  • Backup Drill: See exactly WHERE your outfielders should position themselves to backup plays in the infield… plus the best way to play an errant throw that bounces off the fence or dugout…

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I decided to post one of your practice plans in the dugout for each practice. Now the girls really look forward to seeing what's on tap for the days practice."

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