Softball Pitching Basics

Discover The Secrets To Building a Fundamentally Sound Pitcher, From the Ground Up!

Pitcher. It's probably the most important position on the field. And without a doubt - the most complicated.

From the stance, to the grip, to the mechanics of the windmill motion, there's a LOT to think about. And unless you pitched at a high level in your own career, teaching these critical skills to younger players can be a real challenge.

Not to mention all the rumors, false innuendo and bad advice you'll find on the Internet.

But don't worry - we have you covered...

Introducing a Simple Step by Step System For Softball Pitching Success

Softball Pitching Basics covers everything you need to know about pitching in Plain English... all explained with straightforward coaching tips, and live video demonstrations.

You'll learn exactly how to install flawless mechanics... how to improve velocity and control… simple ways to correct common pitching problems… the exact techniques for teaching a killer change-up, nasty drop ball, and devastating rise ball… and much, much more.

Here's a small taste of what you'll discover...

  • A little-known footwork secret that dramatically increases power and pitch location (4:01)
  • Why slapping the glove against the front thigh allows your pitcher to maintain balance throughout the arm motion and deliver a sizzling fastball.. even if she lacks arm strength! (9:35)
  • The most important thing to remember when teaching proper form and mechanics. HINT: it's as simple as a line in the dirt! (6:28)
  • How to make sure your pitcher is opening the hips properly in the windup... and how to use this simple tip to add 3-5 mph to her fastball! (7:55)
  • How to use a "back foot drag" to generate massive power off the windup and unleash fastballs with the explosive speed of a Howitzer cannon(11:40)
  • The simple secret to correcting a pitcher who's constantly throwing the ball into the dirt (13:50)
  • A "one knee drill" that isolates upper body mechanics... and teaches your girls to throw strikes with consistency and confidence (16:28)
  • How to develop a powerful "wrist-snap" using a little-known drill any pitcher can practice at home (19:05)
  • Why pitchers should always drive the right leg into the left leg (and a simple "open position" drill that teaches this critical technique - 22:19)
  • The best way to develop explosive push-off strength from the mound (23:36)
  • An amazing balance drill that installs foolproof "muscle memory" into your pitchers... and dramatically improves their ability to throw strikes (26:26)
  • How to throw a back-handed changeup that keeps hitters off-balance and constantly guessing (28:40)
  • A simple "trick" to building confidence when throwing off-speed pitches (35:04)
  • The correct way to grip and deliver a knuckleball. (36:01)
  • A progressive distance technique that quickly develops a devastating drop ball (40:15)
  • How to teach your girls to throw a high-speed rise ball. Master this simple technique and your pitchers will be virtually un-hittable! (44:45)
  • 2 techniques you should only teach to mature pitchers. (47:45)
  • The single biggest key to developing a stunningly effective curveball... with just a few minutes practice (49:47)
  • A little known technique for teaching the drop curve... and exactly when you should use it in games (54:38)
  • The TRUTH about teaching the screwball (and 2 crucial factors you must know to keep your girls injury-free - 56:34)

And loads more. This time-tested coaching system is simple, fast, and proven to work with pitchers of all ages and ability levels.

It's designed specifically for the beginner coach or parent who wants a fun, simple way to teach pitching the RIGHT way. It’s easy to grasp, fast to implement, and 100% SAFE for your kids to learn.

  • You don’t need to be a hotshot pro coach with a million years of experience
  • You don’t need to spend hours learning the "science of pitching" or studying complicated techniques
  • You don’t even need to know how to pitch a softball yourself. This system is perfect for amateur coaches or parents with little or no pitching knowledge.

Here’s the best part.

You can be learning all of these pitching secrets…

In Just 90 Seconds!

That’s right, Softball Pitching Basics is yours today as an online video clinic. As soon as your order is completed, you can instantly access ALL the material in living color… right over your computer screen or mobile device.

Here's What To Do Next

To get even a small portion of the pitching drills, techniques, and coaching strategies condensed into this online video clinic, you’d have to hire a private pitching instructor for AT LEAST 4 or 5 hours.

Most good instructors charge $75.00 per hour or more... so you'd easily spend $300 just to learn the basics.

Even a "bargain basement" teacher would charge you $40.00 an hour, bringing your investment down to $160.00 (at the very least).

But I’m not asking you to pay anywhere close to that. As part of this special Introductory Internet Offer, you can get the entire online clinic for just $49.95 $19 – less than the cost of a new ball glove for pete’s sake.

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How To Isolate And Correct
Common Pitching Mistakes!

You'll learn the #1 error that prevents pitchers from throwing strikes, and a simple drill that instantly corrects it (1:41)... a "point your finger" technique that dramatically improves control (3:45)... why you should never tell your pitchers to "slow down" (5:36)... 2 simple body movements that instantly increase pitch speed (9:02)...

A common mistake Softball Dads make which actually hurts their daughter's rate of improvement (11:01)... 4 ultra-useful tips for designing a pitcher's training plan (13:24)... exactly how much time your pichers need off between games (14:01)...

And much, much more.

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You read that correctly… there’s absolutely no risk.

But a quick warning - this is NOT for everyone.

The focus is on mechanics and techniques for youth and high school level pitchers.... it’s not meant for college or professional level coaches who need strategies for coaching adults.

But it’s perfect for the amateur coach or parent who wants to learn the “truth” about pitching, and it gives you loads of concrete tips and examples you can implement with your team starting right away.

Click here to place your secure order now! You’re gonna LOVE what you discover!

PS – Remember… you have to see immediate, dramatic results in your pitchers after using these techniques, or I don’t expect you to pay for it.

I’m talking more velocity, better control, and more confidence than she's ever had before.

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