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Your lead online instructor for"Softball Hitting Mechanics" is 11-Time NCAA Champion Sue Enquist

It's called "Softball Hitting Mechanics" and features the one-and-only UCLA Softball Goddess herself, the winningest coach is college softball history- Sue Enquist.

Coach Enquist's record speaks for itself: National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Famer, 11 NCAA Div. 1 championships, and an all-time record of 887-175-1.

She's personally mentored some of the finest hitters to ever set foot on a softball diamond, including 65 All-Americans, and 12 Team USA Olympians.

Sue is known around the world as one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and effective hitting coaches in the history of the game.

And inside this incredible new resource, she reveals her absolutely unique (and totally brilliant) approach to teaching the correct mechanics of the softball swing.

This method taps into every hitters' own "Internal Guidance System," -- something that Mother Nature gave to each of us -- which is 100% natural... 100% accurate.... and 100% RELIABLE.

Be prepared for Sue to shatter some of the widely held softball hitting misconceptions and explain why some of the so-called hitting experts are


Best of all, you won't need to trek out to the UCLA campus, or attend some over-priced seminar halfway across the country. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your living room to start learning pure hitting magic.

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Here's A Small Sample Of What's Included...

  • How to develop a hitting system for your team, including how to schedule your hitting drills based on the timeline of your season (Some drills should be done at the beginning of the season, some at the end).
  • The simple truth about "rotational" vs "linear" hitting mechanics. Coach Enquist shares her philosophy and gives clear advice on what elements to CHANGE in your hitter's swing... and what elements to accept as their own personal style.
  • The FIRST thing to adjust in a player's swing when they are slumping and having trouble controlling the bat (this small grip adjustment has helped many UCLA softball players get back on track in no time)
  • Have a player with perfect mechanics who can't convert that into solid hits? There is one small (often overlooked) body part that might be to blame (and Coach Enquist will tell you how to fix this frustrating problem- FAST!)
  • The BIGGEST mistake players make when they take their foot off the ground to stride (HINT: this has NOTHING to do with their foot placement)
  • How to find the optimal stride length for each of your players, so it becomes a natural time clock (this will guarantee maximum swing efficiency).
  • How to correct your softball players back foot pivot problems using a flashlight!
  • A "physics trick" that your players can call upon whenever they need to relax their upper body prior to their swing, for a more fluid, rhythmic at-bat
  • How to identify a player who has a wrist strength imbalance (and the little known ball control drill that can correct it in seconds!)
  • IMPORTANT: How to EXPLAIN the biomechanics of a softball swing- even if you are working with young players who you don't want to overwhelm with info. The KEY is knowing what WORDS to use... and what words to stay away from...
  • Why telling your players "knob to the ball" is the worst advice you could ever give.
  • How to correct hitters who swing with straight arms (this simple demonstration will have your athletes in a hurry to bend their arms and wrists at the proper angles!)
  • The EXACT location your batters eyes should focus prior to the pitcher putting the ball in play (And how their focus should change once the ball comes out of the pitchers hand).
  • Why most hitting coaches are DEAD WRONG about stride foot placement for softball. Sue explains her controversial theory, and why the "traditional" approach might actually sabotage your hitter's rhythm and timing!
  • And a lot more...

This online clinic is loaded with so many cutting edge secrets...

It'll Feel Like Having The Best Softball Coach In The Country Whispering In Your Ear During Practice!

What would you give to have Coach Enquist at your side during your team's next BP?

If you were able to lure her to your park for a private teaching session, it would probably take her at least 3 or 4 hours to explain all the tips and techniques that are jam-packed and condensed into this online clinic.

She'd probably charge you $150 to $200 an hour for her time... making it an investment of AT LEAST $450.

If you were friends with Sue, you might be able to snag her services at the "insider price" of only $75/hour... which would still cost you around 225 bucks.

And even though her advice would be worth every penny, that's an investment that would be pretty steep for most coaches like you and me.

But there's no need to worry, because now, members of my e-hotlist can have Sue come to you -- right over your computer screen or mobile device -- and teach you these secrets (over and over again) for a price that's a small fraction of it's true value.

All it will cost you is a mere $450 $225 $19! That's less than the cost of a decent fastpitch glove at your local sporting goods store!

You see, Coach Enquist has retired from coaching, and now spends her time surfing, motivating executives at Fortune 500 companies, and just enjoying life.

So the chances that she'd be able to pencil you into her calendar are slim to none.

Truth is... this online clinic is probably

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You'll be blown away with how fun and easy-to-learn these techniques are, and how QUICKLY your girls improve once you start using this stuff in practice.

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And maybe -- just maybe -- you’ll tell your coaching rivals about Sue's tips. Or maybe we'll just keep it our "secret".

Yours for much better hitting,

Coach Becky Wittenburg

PS - Before I sign out, here's a quick recap of everything you get when you order today:

1. Softball Hitting Mechanics online clinic: Step by step explanations, coaching cues and live demos for teaching proper hitting technique ($40.00 value)

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PPS - Since 2005, I've helped more than 4,459 busy coaches just like you tap into the "insider secrets" of coaching youth and high school softball.

Every day, I receive new success stories from happy coaches who are seeing dramatic improvements with their teams.

Here's a small sample...

Rookie Coach Goes 22-6!

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"Helps me stay more focused and disciplined. Before, there were times when I felt we just did not have enough time to complete the drills I had in store for the team. Now, using your system, I walk away from practice with the feeling of accomplishment.

I decided to post one of your practice plans in the dugout for each practice. Now the girls really look forward to seeing what's on tap for the days practice."

-Coach Cragan

Concord, NC

"The Girls Are Excited!"

"I am amazed at how many drills that my girls can use during practices. The girls are excited to do something different than the same old drills that we have been doing.

-Di Apato

Oak Lawn, IL

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