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Finally! A Step by Step, At-Home Training Blueprint For Top-Notch Hitting Skills!

Discover 14 Simple Hitting Drills You Can Use In Your Back Yard, Basement or Garage, to Develop a Faster, Smoother, and More Powerful Swing!

Dear Friend,

If you're the parent of a softball player... or the coach of a softball team... then please listen closely. You're about to discover secrets that will massively boost your hitter's skill level.

I'm talking picture perfect mechanics... lightning quick bat speed... titanic power... and the confidence of an experienced pro. Best of all, it works fast, so you can start seeing these improvements in two weeks or less.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. First, let me tell you how this all came about.

Why Most Hitters Struggle To Improve

I'm sure you'll agree that hitting a softball is one of the hardest things to do in sports. You're trying to hit a round ball using a round bat... with less than half a second to judge the pitch, decide to swing, and make solid contact.

It's no surprise so many fastpitch players get frustrated, fed up, and discouraged.

Becoming a successful hitter takes hard work, and players need the right drills, the right work ethic, and the necessary practice time.

But here's the problem.

Very few athletes, parents or coaches have the knowledge or skill-set to structure an effective hitting workout. They spend hours on outdated drills... fiddle around with funky hitting gadgets and contraptions... or waste thousands of dollars on batting cages and private hitting instructors.

If any of that sounds familiar, then please don't worry.

It's Not Your Fault

With so much confusing (and often conflicting) advice, it's almost impossible to tell which hitting techniques will actually help YOUR hitter improve... and which ones might actually make things worse!

What you really need is a qualified expert. Someone who's been in the trenches... working with real youth and high school athletes to produce championship results.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce the legendary Utah High School Coach Steve Cramblitt.

Coach Cramblitt Is One Of The Most Innovative Hitting Coaches On The Planet

Check out that drill in the picture above (on the right). He's using a full length mirror, masking tape and a simulated pitching motion to work on his hitter's rhythm and timing. Pretty cool, huh?

Cramblitt is a former ABCA National High School Coach of the Year... and probably the country's number one authority on hitting mechanics for youth and high school players.

In just 14 years as a head coach, he captured a staggering NINE Utah state championships, rolling to more than 362 victories along the way.

The secret to his success was an incredible "training blueprint" that transformed virtually all of his hitters into MONSTERS at the plate.

With his Homework Hitting techniques, Cramblitt's players were able to get a massive number of high-quality hitting reps in just a few short practice sessions per week.

The results were astounding.

In no time at all, his kids were effortlessly smashing gorgeous line drives to every corner of the field... steadily improving throughout the season... and dominating even their toughest opponents.

The "P90X" Of Hitting Workouts

At-home exercise programs like P-90X revolutionized the fitness industry by giving people a "personal trainer quality" workout in the comfort of their own home.

And now, Homework Hitting is about to do the same for softball players.

In just a few short practice sessions, I guarantee your hitter will:

  • Improve her mechanics
  • See the ball better
  • Hit with more power and get more extra-base hits
  • Increase her bat speed and reaction time
  • Get more consistent contact, and dramatically boost her batting average

Now Players Have No Excuse For Not Practicing Their Hitting!

The key to this training system is its FLEXIBILITY.

If you're working out with your daughter, you can bring these drills home and help her improve in your own back yard, basement, or garage.

Or, if you're coaching a team, you can use these drills as part of your regular batting practice routine... or, assign them as off-day "homework" for your players.

You can even use these drills in private workout sessions with small groups... in gym class... summer softball camps... private lessons... the possibilties are endless!

No matter how you use the Homework Hitting System, you WILL see results after just a few workout sessions. You'll be amazed at how quickly your hitters improve!

All the drills can be done alone or with a partner – making this system the ultimate homework hitting tool.

Let's take a closer look at some of the specific drills you'll learn...

  • A soft toss drill with whiffle balls that helps players develop the smooth swing that will send their batting averages soaring!
  • A soft toss drill that allows a coach or parent to see if a player is maintaining proper form throughout her swing (which greatly increases a player’s chances of getting a hit)!
  • A drill you can use to dramatically improve a player’s ability to handle pitches on the inside part of the plate!
  • How to use whiffle golf balls and a broomstick to improve players’ perception and ensure they keep their eye on the ball all the way through their swing!
  • How hitters can use one hand at a time to isolate and perfect specific hitting mechanics and movements!
  • A simple tee drill that seriously improves a player’s ability to hit both inside and outside pitches!
  • A groundbreaking drill that allows players to actually FEEL how their body should move during a swing so it becomes like second-nature to them!
  • A drill that measures tension in hitters and then gives them a way to release that tension so that they are much calmer and much more smooth and fluid when hitting!
  • A rhythm and timing drill that is perfect for determining whether a hitter’s swing is in the right sequence or not!
  • The secret to hitting more hard line drives and ground balls instead of popping out all the time!
  • An indoor drill that allows a batter to actually see the movements of their swing and reinforces good technique!
  • A little-known but highly effective drill that allows players to feel the proper swing sequence in the lower body so that their hitting fundamentals and performance soars!
  • A rhythm and timing drill that will make sure players are starting their swing on time!
  • How to perfect the stance and improve balance for better hitting results!
  • Plus, coaches and parents will also learn how to best reach players who are visual, oral or tactile learners – you’ll be surprised at how easy this is to do and how much more effective your coaching is when you use these simple tips!
  • How to shorten the swing with one-handed drills – this alone will help players hit better with two strikes, hit better to the opposite field and they’ll start enjoying greater success hitting off-speed pitches, too!
  • The cardinal rules and insider secrets of developing a smooth line-drive swing, including tips for the lower body, head, hips and wrist!
  • Drills that will help players overcome their weaknesses and develop new hitting strengths!
  • How to identify and correct common hitting mistakes, including pulling out with the front foot, overstriding, lifting the head, or failing to swing through the ball on contact
  • And a lot more!

So many players struggle at the plate because they never develop the balance and the body control that are essential components of good hitting.

Homework Hitting is filled with proven, effective drills that maximize the explosive power of the lower half, that create muscle memory and outstanding balance, and that improve a hitter’s body control and rhythm and timing.

The end result?

Players establish the solid foundation that all great hitters need – a foundation that they can draw upon every single time they swing the bat.

In All You're Getting 14 Wickedly Effective Drills That Will Help Any Player, No Matter What Their Skill Level, Improve As A Hitter

Plus, dozens of specific pointers from one of the best high school coaches of our era -- a highly respected hitting expert who guided nine high school teams to a state championship.

Far too many hitting resources today are confusing or just flat out wrong. To be honest, some of them will actually sabotage your players' technique and ruin your chances of success.

But not this one.

The Homework Hitting System gives you a straightforward, no B.S. training blueprint jam-packed with drills and techniques that are easy to perform for all ages and competitive levels.

You'll see exactly what you should do in each drill and what the outcome should be. Didn’t catch something the first time? No problem, simply rewind and watch it again.

With these convenient, available 24/7 videos, players will be able to practice proper mechanics so that they develop a gorgeous, effortless swing that would make Crystl Bustos jealous.

What’s more, all the drills are fun to do and challenging, so your hitter can see actual progress and improvement, day by day!

Here's what really makes this a "must-have" resource for this softball season.

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To help you learn and digest these tips and drills "on the go" we're also including a special MP3 audio seminar that breaks down the Homework Hitting System in step by step detail.

You can play the recording on your iPod... listen to it on your computer... or bring it to your hitter's workout session to help drive home the important points.
And it's all in easy-access MP3 format, so you can download and use it immediately after your order is complete!

Bonus #2: Homework Hitting System Coaches Study Guide ($19.95 value)

This special PDF study guide includes a word-for-word transcript of the entire 34 minute video.

Plus... detailed diagrams and illustrations that explain exactly how to perform the drills in step by step detail! It's the perfect complement to your Homework Hitting videos.

Just print out a copy and bring it to the field... or keep it on your iPhone or iPad to reference at practice any time!

Bonus #3: Homework Hitting System Workout Plans ($12.95 value)

We really want you and your hitters to use this system, so you can experience the most dramatic improvements in the shortest possible time.

So... to really make it "brain-dead" easy to get started... we're also providing you with step by step workout plans that show you exactly what drills to perform and when to do them!

  • A complete Soft Toss Workout for developing perception, rhythm and timing skills
  • A complete Tee Drill Workout that focuses on bat control and swing sequence
  • A complete Mirror Drill Workout that does wonders for your hitter's body awareness and swing mechanics

These bonus gifts are easily worth $52.85, but they're yours FREE when you order today!

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Bottom Line. Once You're In... You're IN

Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything. There are no time limits... no hassles... and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

The only way to get this level of detailed coaching instruction would be to attend one of those exclusive national coaching conferences halfway across the country.

By the time you add in your clinic fees, travel, room and board... you're easily talking $500 or more... way too much for most coaches or parents to spend.

My original plan was to offer this package at $67. But I’ve been able to cut the cost by offering the training as downloadable videos directly accessible from the Internet.

This way I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs.

I also don't need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone.

As a result, I can pass along my cost savings to you – which means you win and I win.
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But even at a higher price, this package will still be a terrific bargain because it really helps players develop the form and the good habits they need to be successful hitters.

Still not convinced?

I know that there's a ton of hitting info out there. And it's hard not to be a little skeptical when the next "big thing" comes around.

So here's what I want to offer you.

There's never been a deal like this in Softball Hitting instruction before. That's just the truth.

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Here's the deal. Order the online clinic right now and you get two full months to review the material and decide if it's as good as I say.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Check out these answers to the most common questions coaches ask...

  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    This online clinic is designed for kids age 12 and up, and recommended for intermediate and advanced level players. While some fundamentals are covered, the focus is on more complex skills and drills for experienced athletes.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to start seeing results?

    If you follow these skill progressions in this online clinic, we’re confident that you’ll start seeing improvement at your very next practice. All of the video segments are broken down in step by step detail, with clear demonstrations and coaching pointers. So you can learn these techniques quickly, teach them quickly, and start seeing results right away!

  • q-iconCan parents and athletes use this? Or is it just for coaches?

    This online clinic includes drills and techniques that can be done individually, with a partner, or with small group of players. So it’s great for coaches to use during team practice… OR for parents or athletes who want to work on their skills at home.

  • q-iconWhat if this doesn't work for me?

    This online clinic comes with a special 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    If for any reason, you’re not 100% thrilled with the material, just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we’ll gladly refund you full payment. No questions asked. No funny business. No “wiggle clauses.” You either love this resource or you don’t pay a penny.

  • q-iconHow do I access the videos? Do I need to wait for anything in the mail?

    You get instant access to the entire online video clinic, right over your computer, smartphone or tablet. There’s no waiting for DVDs in the mail, and no shipping charges.

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