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Order Hitting Success Formula Clinic today and you'll see exactly how to perform all of the hitting drills described in the PDF reports.

Plus dozens of wickedly effective coaching pointers, troubleshooting tips, and practice routines you can take right to the field!

This online video clinic package contains 2 hours and 28 minutes of video covering every technique and tip you'll need to dramatically improve your hitters.

Here's a quick summary of what's included:

Bat Speed Drills

Online Video Clinic - 52 minutes long - $40.00 value

Discover 37 killer drills to help your players accelerate through the swing and pummel the ball with maximum force.

  • A killer "5-swing stopwatch" drill that builds pro-level fast-twitch muscle strength in the wrists, forearms and shoulders
  • The #1 secret to delivering more concentrated "juice" to the ball. HINT: you won't be swinging "harder," just more efficiently
  • A simple "Slash" drill that produces an immediate and astonishing boost in bat speed
  • And a lot more!

Power Hitting Drills

Online Video Clinic - 49 minutes long - $40.00 value

Packed with 35 proven exercises and practice routines to overload the swing and develop massive strength in the legs, core, and upper body... for devastating power at the plate, and more extra base hits for your team!

  • How to use medicine balls, PVC piping, tires, and deflated basketballs to develop explosive "softball specific" strength and power… for cannon-shot line drives to every corner of the field
  • A 3-step "power pack routine" that taps into the secret reservoir of power that's inside every one of your players
  • A one-arm "short-bat" drill that injects massive strength and power into the forearm flexors, wrist flexors, and extensor muscles, for better grip strength and extension in the swing
  • And a lot more!

50 Simple Secrets For Better Hitting

Online Video Clinic - 55 minutes long - $40.00 value

This module is filled with easy to learn coaching tips and strategies for swing mechanics, hand-eye coordination, vision skills, mental training, game situations and more.

  • The #1 ingredient to becoming a consistently dangerous hitter. HINT: it has nothing to do with your hands, feet, eyes, or hips…
  • Simple keys for hitting the fastball... curveball... change-up... slider... or sinker!
  • One simple change in your hitting mechanics that immediately fixes 20 of the most common bad habits
  • And a lot more!

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