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From: Coach Becky Wittenburg

Re: “Underground Hitting Secrets” Online Clinic

Dear Friend,

You may think I've lost my mind with that long headline up there… but I haven't. I'm just giddy with excitement… because I've finally discovered the SEVEN SIMPLE SECRETS to having a darn-near perfect softball swing.

And in just 90 seconds, you're gonna discover them, too.

Inside the “Underground Hitting Secrets” online video clinic, you’ll learn the rarely taught (yet wildly effective) techniques that allow ANYONE… even 80 pound kids with zero hand-eye coordination… to uncork towering line drives as easily as you can point your finger.

I'm not kidding. This clinic will change your coaching life forever.

It reveals (in the most effective manner ever recorded) the TRUTH about hitting mechanics... and for the lucky coaches that get in on this Introductory Offer, it'll be like a "divine revelation".

You may already know the instructor: Jami Isaacson. Yes – THE Jami Isaacson – by far the most popular "underground" hitting instructor alive today.

For over 15 years, he's been helping young softball players find a "pop" in their bat that makes opposing pitchers cringe and college recruiters swoon.

Look... I could go on and on about Jami's background... how he was the NCAA Midwest Conference Player of the Year in 1991, then just 2 years later (at the ripe age of 24) became the youngest college coach

In the history of the NCAA!

And get this - when Jami opened up a private hitting instruction business (called the Hack Shack Academy) in 2006, players and parents from all over the Midwest flocked to the tiny farming town of Galesburg, Illinois… lining up around the block for hours in the DEAD of winter…

Just For The Chance To Pay Him
$250 An Hour For Lessons

But the fact is… as impressive as Jami’s resume is, he still remains relatively unknown to regular youth softball coaches like you and me.

You'll have a tough time finding this recluse at national coaching clinics… and that's the way he likes it.

He's simply a super-private guy that very few people EVER get to meet.

But if savvy coaches and players from softball's “heartland” are willing to brave the icy Illinois highways and endure -21 degree windchills to hear his words of wisdom, you figure there's gotta be something to this.

And there is – as you'll quickly discover the moment you start watching the “Underground Hitting Secrets” online video clinic.

You see, Jami insists he only needs a short time to teach even the CLUMSIEST hitters how to develop “A-Rod-like” swing mechanics.

Coaches from every level (from coach-pitch to big time D1 programs) have used his techniques to drastically improve their team's hitting.

And it doesn't matter how poorly your team is hitting right now, or how inexperienced your players are. None of that matters.

In fact, Jami actually PREFERS to teach uncoordinated kids with little or no “feel” for the game.

Because he shows them exactly how to get

Real Good, Real Fast

The focus is on hitting fundamentals -- the seven specific secrets of stance, spine angle, head tilt, hand position and swing path that nobody seems to get right... nobody ever teaches... and nobody but the greatest ballplayers in history have ever figured out on their own.

Ty Cobb knew these seven secrets. Pete Rose knew ‘em. Even Albert Pujols has ‘em down pat.

In fact, almost every major leaguer who’s ever hit over .300 knows these simple secrets about hitting mechanics, but not one in a thousand could actually TEACH them to you.

But Jami can. He's cracked the code, revealing the cold hard facts that make hitting a softball almost...


But you don't have to hike over to Galesburg, wait in line, or shell out $250 an hour. Nope. Because we dragged Jami down to a studio in downtown Chicago and forced him to record his amazing secrets in a full-length video clinic.

And now, as part of this Introductory Internet Offer, you can steal every one of Coach Isaacson's "dirty secrets" without risking a single penny.

Here’s how this works…

For this Introductory Internet offer, we've pulled together an incredible "learn-it-fast" hitting package that's guaranteed to launch you into a lifetime of coaching success.

Here's what's included...

To start, you'll get access to two full-length video clinics: "Hitting Secrets" and "The 6 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make".

Inside, you’ll discover the amazingly simple secrets that'll have your team launching rocket line drives by your very next game... even if they can barely hit the side of a barn right now.

Some of what's included:

  • The single most important element of any hitter's swing... and how to exploit it to DOUBLE their bat speed
  • How even the scrawniest player can use the "Power V" to launch towering dingers to the opposite field
  • How to adjust to a pitch anywhere in the strike zone by "taking your hip to the ball" (this simple trick can teach ANY player to hit a breaking ball)
  • The REAL REASON your young hitter is afraid of the ball (and the simple 3 step formula guaranteed to overcome their fear forever)
  • What hitters can learn from watching the world’s greatest golfer
  • The insider technique to "sweep the plate" with the barrel of the bat – ensuring you make solid contact EVERY time
  • The single biggest mistake young hitters make (here's a hint: what works well for salsa dancing DOES NOT work well for hitting!)
  • How to catch the ball deep with consistency, and avoid becoming a "Punch & Judy" hitter
  • The simple tip your players can learn by watching Albert Pujols' stance
  • How egg shells can help your hitters be more patient at the plate
  • Why strong biceps and triceps can actually HURT your player’s batting average (FACT: it’s the smaller muscles in your hands and forearms that really determine killer bat speed)
  • Why you should NEVER tell your players to use a "level swing"
  • How “tipping your bat” produces a powerful change in your stance – transferring power from deep in your core directly to the barrel of the bat
  • Why so many right-handers ground out to the shortstop (PLUS the simple 3 inch adjustment that turns dribbling grounders into screaming line drives through the gap)
  • Why 70/30 are the ONLY numbers your players EVER need to memorize
  • The difference between good head tilt and bad head tilt… and how to avoid becoming a “one-eye hitter”
  • What any 4th grade math teacher can teach you about swing mechanics (but most high school and college coaches don’t even know!)
  • 3 tips to help players protect themselves from an aggressive “up and in” pitch
  • What high school hitters can learn from an old carpenter’s trick
  • The TRUTH about spine angle… and the simple trick your players can learn by watching their classmates walk through the hallways
  • Why “hands to the ball” is the worst advice you can every give to a batter
  • How to identify a player who uses too much bottom or top hand (and the little known medicine ball drill that can correct it in seconds!)

And much more…

You’ll also get 2 mega-valuable Coaches Study Guides. They include Jami’s personal teaching notes, pointers and hot-button techniques.

You even get definitions of key terms and chapter review quizzes – highlighting major points and driving home the most important tips and strategies.

Think of it as a front-row seat to a PRIVATE hitting clinic. Just you and Jami… talkin’ hitting and devising ways to improve your team.

If Jami were to take you through ALL this material during a private session, it would probably take 4 or 5 hours. And at $250 an hour… well – you can see that it would get pretty expensive pretty fast.

But as part of this Introductory Offer, you can get the entire package for just $29.00.

That’s less than the cost of a few hours at the batting cage. And you’ll walk away with the hitting tips and tactics that’ll have players 1-9 sending the ball into orbit at nearly every at-bat.

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But wait… there's more. If you order today, you'll also get Jami’s Hitting Mechanics Evaluation System.

This versatile tool make it super-easy to track and analyze the performance of each individual hitter on your team. It breaks down the swing from bottom to top, giving you a standardized tracking system to evaluate every player in step by step detail.

Armed with this valuable info - you'll can isolate and correct the flaws in ANY hitter's swing.

You’ll discover which players have a weak foundation... who's suffering from the hipslide... and who's got a bad case of head tilt.

It's perfect for getting a slumping player back up to peak performance. And it's all contained in an easy-to-use format and spelled out in Plain English... so even an assistant coach, player, team manager or team parent can help with it.

So just to recap... here's what's you get when you order today:

  • "Hitting Secrets" video clinic (55 mins - $89 value)
  • "The 6 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make" video clinic (51 mins - $89 value)
  • "Hitting Secrets" study guide ($35 value)
  • "The 6 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make" study guide ($35 value)
  • "Hitting Mechanics Evaluation System" ($35 value)

That's over $283 worth of material. And if you get in on this clinic today, it's all yours for only $29.00 - an astonishing deal.

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And what's really cool is that you can be watching the videos and poring through the study guides

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You can even burn them to a DVD and bring 'em to practice to show your players.

Bottom line: Once you're in... you're IN. Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything.

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Still not convinced?

I know that there's a ton of coaching info out there. And it's hard not to be a little skeptical when the next "big thing" comes around.

So here's what I want to offer you: There's never been a package like this before in hitting instruction for softball. That's just the truth.

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That's how confident we are that this stuff will blow your mind and completely transform your team.

We'll give you a complete refund, and you can STILL keep everything for absolutely no charge... the videos, the study guides... everything - and it won't cost you a penny.

No questions asked. And no hard feelings, either — me and Becky insist we treat every customer the way we want to be treated when we buy something… and that means, simply, that the customer is always right.

So get started with these drills, tips, and strategies right away. I guarantee that you'll be shocked and delighted at the batspeed, power and consistency your hitters will gain... almost overnight.

And if you're not... just let me know and we'll refund your payment right away, and you can still keep everything for free (maybe you have a friend who might like it).

You have absolutely no risk.

But you must click here to order now. Today, in fact. There's just no way I can hold this offer open for you indefinitely. Because of limited video bandwidth on my site I have to limit the number of viewing slots for these video clinics.

So you must order right now, while it's fresh in your mind - you risk absolutely nothing and you can learn everything for free if you choose...


Coach Becky Wittenburg

PS - Remember, the entire clinic package is covered by an unprecedented 200% guarantee.

You can try out all these techniques for a full 60 days... and if it hasn't transformed your team into a hitting powerhouse, I'll refund your full payment with no questions asked.

AND - you can still keep everything for FREE!

That's an outrageously fair offer, don't you think? It means you get $283 worth of coaching material at no charge, and with no risk whatsoever.

But don't hesitate - when the bandwidth is full, this offer WILL be pulled off the market until more space becomes available.

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