16 Common Softball Hitting Problems And Exactly How To Fix Them!

FACT: Hitting a fast pitch softball is HARD.

Maybe the hardest skill in all of sports.

From the stance... to the load... stride... swing... contact... extension... and follow through... there's a TON of moving parts.

And a lot that can go wrong along the way.

Even the most talented and committed athletes can struggle with their hitting mechanics, or develop bad habits that lead to devastating slumps.

There's nothing worse than watching a young lady completely lose her confidence at the plate.

The dejected look on her face as she suffers one heartbreaking strikeout after another.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

How To Become a "Hitting Doctor"

Here's The Easy Way To Diagnose and Fix Any Player's Swing Flaws, and Dramatically Improve Her Hitting!

The Hitting Problems and Solutions eBook breaks down the 16 most common hitting problems, and shows you exactly how to fix them with simple drills and practice routines.

• Trouble tracking the pitch into the hitting zone? Try the solution on page 5.
• Hitting too many weak pop flies? Check out page 15.
• Swinging over the ball? Find the answer on page 20.
• Pulling everything foul? Page 22 has you covered.

You'll get detailed breakdowns of everything - from the description of the problem, how to spot it, recommended drills to fix it, and coaching tips to help speed up the learning curve.

It's Plug and Play

This is not some 350 page textbook on the science of the swing.

Everything is broken down in plain English with full color photos, coaching tips, and step by step instructions.

So it's easy for ANYONE to use these techniques, and see impressive results with their team.

And, best of all, you get instant access to the entire package today, right over your computer or mobile device. So you can study these techniques and start using them tonight, at your very next practice!

Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover

  • How to improve vision and pitch selection with the Audible Color Ball Drill
  • A 2-second Partner Push Test that immediately fixes a poorly balanced stance
  • How to use a 2x6 wooden plank to cure a bad weight shifting habit
  • The nifty Stride Box Drill that prevents hitters from opening their hips too early
  • The common power leaking mistake hitters make with their front leg, and a quick coaching cue that can fix it in seconds
  • What to do when a hitter won't "load" her swing
  • One quick drill to speed up a slow bat. This simple technique quickly builds fast-twitch muscle fibers in the triceps and forearms, for a lightning quick bat and 100% more power
  • Hitting a lot of weak pop flies? You're probably making this common "barrel dipping" mistake. Fix it quick with an easy Double Tee Drill.
  • How to use your shadow to correct a common head movement error
  • A slightly unorthodox (but totally effective) Hammer Drill that stops hitters from over-rolling the back wrist
  • And a lot more...

These techniques are guaranteed to help you spot and correct the errors your hitters are making right now.

And help you boost their batting average and confidence at the plate.

But don't just listen to me.

Our products have been used by more than 22,438 coaches in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

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