Essential Softball Pitching Grips Online Video Clinic

Order Essential Softball Pitching Grips Online Video Clinics today and you'll see EXACTLY how to grip and throw all 12 pitches explained in the eBook (plus a few more you won't find anywhere else).

Each video is jam-packed with step by step drill progressions and critical coaching tips... all explained and demonstrated by the All American Pitcher from UCLA - Dee Dee Weiman!

The package is broken down into 3 modules.

Module 1 - Mastering the Basics

Online Video Clinic - 44 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • Basic step by step demonstrations covering the Fastball, Change-up, Screwing Fastball, Screwball, Peel-Drop Ball, and Drop Curve
  • How to know when you should start introducing new pitches to a young softball player.
  • The BIGGEST mistake young softball players make when learning the change-up (and exactly how to fix it)
  • How to develop a mind-blowing peel drop ball that sails in letter-high… then drops like a rock as it approaches the plate.
  • A unique "twist and snap" technique that makes it EASY to learn the drop curve.
  • And much more!

Module 2 - Advanced "Up" Pitches

Online Video Clinic - 31 minutes - $40.00 value

  • Step by step demonstrations covering the Fastball, Sliding Screwball, Rise Ball, Screwball, Screwing Fastball, and Rise Curve
  • 5 simple secrets to an explosive, guided missile fastball
  • A cool $4 training tool that actually forces your pitchers to use the correct wrist snap and finish on the ball.
  • The exact grip, arm motion and footwork for a nasty rise ball that breaks sharply - right in front of home plate
  • A wickedly effective "Rope Drill" that teaches your girls to get maximum movement in the shortest possible distance
  • The #1 key to precise command and control of the up pitches, so you can place the ball in any part of the strike zone (or just outside of it) with ease!
  • And a lot more...

Module 3 - Advanced "Down" Pitches

Online Video Clinic - 40 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • Step by step demonstrations covering the Drop Ball, Drop Curve, Curve Ball and Changeup
  • A simple "bounce" drill that teaches the precise arm action and release for a devastating drop ball.
  • A super-effective "sets" routine that trains your pitcher to locate her down pitches with laser-like precision
  • How to use ropes and chairs to quickly develop an unhittable drop curve
  • A simple mechanical "tweak" that's generates jaw-dropping movement on the curveball, without sacrificing speed or control!
  • The #1 key to throwing a deceptive, "camouflaged" change-up that's practically unhittable!
  • And a lot more...

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