Do You Make These Softball Batting Practice Mistakes?

Coaches: STOP wasting your precious practice time on useless "old school" hitting drills, and discover the simple secret to giving your team a massive competitive advantage!

Desk of: Coach Becky Wittenburg

Dear Friend,

Please excuse my audacity, but I'm willing to bet you $100 I could instantly DOUBLE the effectiveness of your team's batting practice.

Why am I so sure?

Because I've watched hundreds of practices, clinics, camps, and private workouts over the years, and seen hundreds of coaches shoot themselves in the foot with the same boring, out-dated, ineffective techniques.

Here's what I normally see at a "traditional" softball batting practice:

  • A coach stands on the pitcher's mound with a bucket of balls, trying his hardest to throw strikes. One kid is hitting. One kid is on deck. And the rest are scattered around the field.
  • Some of the "fielders" are actively shagging balls, while others are playing in the dirt, chasing butterflies, or off somewhere in "la-la land" daydreaming their way through the practice.
  • Players get 20 or 25 swings (if they're lucky), then rotate out to a different position
  • Coaches are busy pitching, shagging balls, or sitting around doing nothing. Very little one on one coaching or opportunity to make corrections.
  • Poor use of practice time and field space.
  • Low level of enthusiasm and effort.


Believe it or not, that's what most batting practices look like.

For almost every team.

On almost every softball field in the country.

Year in and year out.

And if this sounds familiar to you, don't worry. The fact is, if you're struggling to keep your team having fun and engaged during batting practice...

It's Not Your Fault!

The truth is... the "traditional" approach to batting practice - the same approach so many so-called hitting "experts" are have been telling you to use for years - is painfully ineffective.

It's slow. It's mind-numbing. And it's a complete waste of your precious field time.

But here's the good news. There IS a better way.

A simple, straightforward method that gives your girls a massive number of high quality reps in a short period of time, and immediately injects more fun, effort and enthusiasm into your batting practice.

Here's how it works:

  • Instead of the "traditional" approach, you run a "stations" based batting practice. Each station is laser-targeted to build better swing mechanics, correct common mistakes, and help your girls get more confident and comfortable at the plate
  • Each player spends around 4-5 minutes on 8 different stations. With the right planning, supervision, and field set-up, they can easily get 100-200 high quality swings in a typical 30 minute batting practice session. No waiting, watching, or goofing around!
  • Your coaching staff rotates from station to station, helping individual kids work on specific aspects of their swing, offering advice, and providing positive support
  • You maximize the use of your practice time, by utilizing batting tees, whiffle balls, and other key hitting tools, putting the entire field to use, and eliminating down time between drills
  • Your kids have a blast working on their swing, and see HUGE improvements in their hitting

Doesn't that sound better?

Can You Imagine How Much More FUN Your Players Will Have? And How Much More EFFICIENT Your Practice Time Would Be?

The dynamic stations method is ridiculously EASY to implement with your own team. Just learn the drills, pick up some inexpensive hitting tools, grab a couple parent volunteers or assistant coaches to help supervise (no special skills necessary), and you're ready to rock and roll.

The entire system is explained inside this new online video clinic: "Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Softball.

It's just 31 minutes long. Short, direct, and to the point - perfect for busy coaches.
The online clinic starts off by explaining 14 key drills you can use in your stations, including step by step demos featuring real youth softball players.

Next, you'll learn some mega-valuable tips and coaching cues for helping your players tap into their own "natural" swing path.

Finally, you'll see why we DON'T recommend batting cage practice... and an inside look at the top 5 "secret weapon" hitting tools every serious coach should own.

It's Versatile Too!

No matter what type of team you're working with, how many players you have, or what field space is available, you can get the complete benefits of these drills and start seeing improvements in your hitters right away!

Here are just some of the ways you can use this system:

  • Full team batting practice workouts
  • Pre-game warmups
  • Tryouts and skill evaluations
  • Small group workouts and private lessons
  • Softball camps
  • Individual skill work at home, in the backyard, garage or basement

The possibilities are endless!

And here's what makes this a total no-brainer for you. The entire system is presented as an online video clinic, so you can access everything

In Just 90 Seconds!

There's no out of town seminars to travel to… no boring textbooks to read… and you don't need to wait for anything to show up in the mail.

After your order is processed, you'll be instantly redirected to our secure video clinic download page… where you can access all the material right away.

It's easy too. No "tech" experience required. If you know how to click a mouse, then you have all the skills you need.

(And just in case you run into any problems… me or my trusty assistant Mary will be here to help out any time)

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your iPhone, iPad or mother mobile device, or save them to your computer.

You can even share the online clinic with the rest of your coaching staff… so everyone's on the same page and ready to roll for your very next practice!

Bottom Line. Once You're In… You're IN

Registering for this online clinci gets you compete lifetime access to everything. There are no time limits… no hassles… and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

Ready to dive in? Here's what to do next!

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You can continue to face the same frustrations and poor performance, and keep boo-hooing about why your kids are moping around the field and not getting any better… OR you can learn this innovative approach… revamp your batting practice right away… and finally start hitting the way you KNOW your team is capable of, and become the TOP DOG in your softball league.

This letter could just be the "kick in the pants" that finally knocked your butt into the softball coaching stratosphere… or it could do nothing more than leave a nasty bruise on your behind. It's up to you.

Yours for better hitting...

Coach Becky Wittenburg

PS - If you think you've heard it all before and that none of these drills will be new to you… you need to watch this online clinic more than anyone!

I guarantee that you'll find several new practice ideas YOU ARE NOT DOING right now. Ideas that will give your players better mechanics, a smoother, more powerful swing, and more confidence and composure in the batter's box.

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