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Finally! The First Practical, Step-by-Step Roadmap For Softball Hitting Success Designed Specifically For Coaches!

These almost criminally-clever tricks, tips and secrets of the pros will IMMEDIATELY improve your team’s bat speed, power, and confidence at the plate, no matter how much you're struggling right now, or how little coaching experience you have.

Desk of: Coach Becky Wittenburg

Dear Friend and Fellow Coach,

My name is Coach Becky Wittenburg. I'm not a professional “writer”… just a regular gal with a husband, 2 kids, and a lifelong passion for the game of softball.

But what I'm about to share with you today is so extraordinary and powerful, I decided to forget what the all the experts say -- and just write to you myself.

So please, excuse my unprofessional little website... and bear with me for a minute while I explain.

Here's what's happening.

Earlier this year, I embarked on a mission to discover every softball hitting secret in existence. My focus was on hitting drills. My goal to find

Specific Techniques To Improve Bat Speed, Power, and Consistency At The Plate

If there was a guy claiming to possess "underground secrets" in some God-forsaken corner of the country, I hunted him down. A book published in 1972 on the science of hitting... I read it cover to cover. Magazine articles written by former major leaguers... I devoured them.

If there was a rumor of a secret anywhere, I found it.

After weeks of intense research... I had exactly 241 drills that all claimed to be the "Holy Grail" of hitting.

Then came the hard work.

I hired a team of professional hitting instructors and tested all the drills out. Tossed the ones that were sheer nonsense. Tossed the ones that required extra strength, or lots of experience, or any kind of extraordinary skill.

Tossed everything that wasn't straightforward and easy to teach to youth softball players.

In the end, we had 18 stunningly effective hitting drills.

An amazing collection of hard-core, "ninja-level" techniques that are simple to teach, FUN to perform, and will quickly make you

The Envy Of Every Coach In Your League!

I had one of my top instructors put together a 45 minute video, explaining each one of these drills in Plain English, with step by step demonstrations and coaching tips.

And we decided to call it

18 Killer Hitting Drills

This video is designed specifically for coaches… and is guaranteed to increase your batting average, jumpstart your offensive production, and win more games for your softball team starting immediately (even if this coaching thing is all new to you).

And... you can access it all today... for free if you want!

Here’s a small sample of the pro-level hitting techniques you’ll discover:

  • Exactly where to place the feet in relation to home plate... and how this helps you tap into the hidden power in EVERY hitter's swing (2:35)
  • Why hitters should point the cap of the bat directly at the catcher's shoes... and how this easy-to-learn technique instantly translates to a devastating home-run swing (4:25)
  • How to load the hands without "wrapping the bat" (this common mistake can "bleed" 50% of a hitter's power out of the swing... 6:01)
  • A simple tip that allows your hitters to keep the stride short and eyes on the ball (8:45)
  • The ideal swing path for young hitters, and the 3 key body parts to watch when coaching (9:50)
  • 3 keys to developing confidence at the plate (12:48)
  • The absolute best way to develop a comfortable, relaxed stance for each individual hitter on your team (16:25)
  • 5 wildy effective drills that teach players to keep their head still and eyes focused on the pitch. These simple techniques are critical for developing a consistent contact swing. (19:37)
  • How to train your hitters to recognize the location of an incoming pitch and get the bat on the ball with jaw-dropping speed and accuracy (23:58)
  • The "no-brainer" secret to hitting a curveball or change-up (25:59)
  • A little-known "string drill" that literally forces your hitters to use an ideal stride length, and hit the ball squarely with maximum velocity (27:26)
  • The best technique for teaching a powerful line-drive swing (31:01)
  • How to train your players to swing hard and quick, and finish the swing balanced (33:30)
  • A rarely-used "parachute drill" that quickly builds massive upper body strength. Practice this a few minutes a week and even the scrawniest kid will be launching towering line drives with ease (35:45)
  • A "fast hands" drill that teaches players to snap the top hand through zone and develop outrageously quick bat speed (38:02)
  • How to teach situational hitting to your players - simple tips that work for every age group (41:37)

And much, much more.

Here's what other coaches are saying:

“I'm shocked at how quickly these strategies started to work and how easily they translated to games.  Out batting average is up across the board, and other teams around the league and taking notice."

Chris Olivenhain
Charlotte, Vermont

"I've been to many live clinics, but none have turned my team around quicker than this video.  Your teaching methods are easy to grasp and produce results fast.  That Fast Hands drill was a personal favorite and the kids had fun performing it."

Phil Klopfer
Cedar Mill, Oregon

"Love the Parachute drill. I’ve been coaching for 14 years and it’s the best technique I’ve seen to improve bat speed and balance in the batter's box.”

W.P. Wright
Shire County

"The players really enjoy using these drills in practice, and they’re a blast to teach. The explanation is simple and techniques are easy to grasp."

Miles Parker
Oceanside, California

Let me boil this down further.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a rank beginner, or have been struggling to learn the secrets of hitting for years
  • It doesn’t matter if you coach Little League, Junior High, or a top-level varsity high school team
  • It doesn’t matter if your players are inexperienced, skinny, or uncoordinated.

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Okay... so how much will this package cost you (if you decide it's worth paying for)?

Well... if you wanted to learn all of these techniques from a professional hitting instructor, it would probably take 3 or 4 hours to teach them.

Most instructors charge AT LEAST $75/hr… bringing your investment to $225.00 or more.

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Okay, that's it.

You gotta jump on this, or lose out.

Thanks for listening.


Coach Becky Wittenburg

P.S. Remember... you have a 100% money back guarantee.
That’s as generous an offer as you’ll ever find. The only thing you have to lose is a few moments of your time.

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