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Softball Pitching Drills
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softball pitching drills

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There are many fastpitch pitching drills coaches can use to improve their player's skills. These drills reinforce the mechanics that are essential for a pitcher to be the best she can be.

Softball Pitching Drill

One Knee Drill: For this drill, all that’s needed is a catcher (with proper equipment), a pitching rubber, and a home plate. Or the pitcher can pitch into a catch net and have a bucket of balls. The pitcher should be between 15 and 20 feet from the target. There should be a straight line drawn that extends from the pitcher and points toward the target. (This is the line that the pitcher should follow when pitching.)

Purpose: This drill is performed with the pitcher on one knee. It works on a pitcher’s upper body because the lower body is isolated. Specifically this drill works on the arm circle, spacing, sequencing, release posture, and the follow through.

Performance: The pitcher kneels down with the knee that’s on the same side as her pitching arm. So, if the pitcher is right handed then she will kneel on her right knee. The foot on the glove hand should be placed on the line that extends toward the target. Her glove leg should be slightly bent. Her shoulders should be slightly bent so that they are across the line – this will create proper spacing for the ball to be pitched.

The pitcher begins the drill with her glove and pitching hand (with the ball) together beside her pitching leg (the one she’s kneeling on). The pitching arm and glove arm should come-up together and stay together until after the pitching arm has completed the first quarter of the arm circle.

The pitcher then continues the pitch, going through the circle and focusing on a perfect release that is right down the line that’s in front of her. The pitcher needs to focus more on pitching straight down the line and not so much on throwing strikes. In fact, for this particular drill, throwing strikes aren’t important at all.

Coaching Points: As a fastpitch softball coach, there are several things you want to watch for during this drill. The pitcher’s shoulders should remain over her hips and not fall back or forward. Also, the pitcher can’t arch her back and she can’t allow her arm to go behind her head. It’s also important to make sure the arm finishes in line with the line that’s pointing to home plate.

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