"At Last! Simple, Proven Softball
Hitting Drills For Coaches"

softball drills

How to break down and teach the mechanics of the softball swing in 3 simple phases

softball drills 2 simple "one-arm" softball hitting drills that instantly add more power to any hitter's swing… for jaw-dropping, soaring line drives and more extra-base hits!
softball drills How to use "skinny bats" and "mini balls" to get more consistent, more solid contact
softball drills A HUGE mistake that causes the majority of strikeouts at the youth level…. and exactly how to correct it with an easy head position tweak
softball drills The #1 key to generating more bat speed.
softball drills How to identify and correct "over-wrapping," "lead-leg collapsing," "overstriding," "bat-casting", and other common mistakes
softball drills A unique "frisbee" trick that reminds teaches hitters to drive the lead elbow forward, for more "sting" off the bat, and more extra-base hits

softball hitting drills

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